NFT Heroes



Swordsmen take great care of their equipment and come face-to-face with the enemy to allow attacks to slide off their heavy armor. You use different combat techniques and a close-up view of weapon types to protect less powerful opponents. A warrior must wisely share his anger, the power behind his most powerful attacks, to be particularly effective in combat.


Sorcerers destroy their opponents with arcane magic formulas. Although they have powerful attack spells, mages are vulnerable and only wear light armor, making them particularly vulnerable to melee attacks. Therefore, wise sorcerers use their spells wisely to keep their enemies at a distance or to prevent them from approaching.


Archers fight their enemies from a distance and order their companions to attack, while they themselves aim arrow after arrow and reload their weapons. With their firearms, they are effective and very mobile at short and long range. You can dodge their enemies and contain them to control the battlefield.


Berserks rely on speed and therefore avoid heavy armor in order to be able to catch up with enemies quickly and take them out with their one-handed weapons. However, the berserks must also use their agility defensively in order to emerge victorious from battles.


Dragons are particularly versatile in combat. They can destroy the enemy walls and troops from above. Furthermore they are the strongest class in Crypto Clans.

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